Fiking Good

If you’ve ever wondered what a modern European wine bar is like then Fika Weinstuble is the place to be.

Situated in Mornington, this traditional European Winebar is run by some very experienced and very friendly ladies. Connie from Germany together with Kerstin and Jenny from Sweden, have created an environment that is ideal for a drink and a chat, which is Fika translated into English.

The Fika Ladies will be showcasing this special social atmosphere during Oktoberfest, at the winebar form September 24 to October 5. The event coincides with the world’s largest funfair held annually in Germany with more than six million attending each year.

Fika Weinstuble brings this fabulous, multi-cultural event to Mornington with two weeks of authentic German beer-sipping, bratwurst-munching fun. If that’s not enough, the entire menu features some great German cuisine, schnapps surprises, Um-Pah-Pah music and Lederhosen and Dirndl dress ups.

This month it’s every 5th drink free so get out for a sip and a chat at Fika Weinstuble, 174 Main Street, Mornington and experience real European wine and cuisine.