Crimson Sky

Inspired by a Japanese haiku poem in which autumn skies are abuzz with red dragonflies comes a performance sure to mesmerize. Australia’s premiere taiko drumming group, TaikOz presents Crimson Sky. From explosive drumming to meditative melodies combining the sights and sounds of Japanese culture, this show makes for a delightfully different night at the theatre.

TaikOz have produced a sound that is all their own creating new taiko music from Australian and international composers and interpreting the music of contemporary Japanese composers. This group of exemplary musicians have played to rave reviews everywhere they have travelled from here in Australia to Taiwan, France, Thailand, Japan and back home again.

Crimson Sky combines the adrenaline pumping beat of taiko drumming with a host of other traditional Japanese instruments, such as, the shakuhachi (bamboo flute), and a rare treat in Australia, the bass koto (a 17 string plucked instrument) to create a truly unique and exciting musical experience that reverberates through the whole body.

Experience the power of TaikOz in Crimson Sky at Frankston Arts Centre on Tuesday, September 16 at 7pm. Bookings on 9784 1060 or