100 Taps

Being first and foremost a BEER lover, nothing pleases me more than pouring a ‘tall frothy’ for an eager beer connoisseur at my venues. Until recently this simple pleasure has always been second nature, but late last year I realised there was something missing. I thought it was time to develop a quality hand crafted beer that solely benefits all the hard working publicans that pour it. I brought my singular idea to likeminded colleagues to help me with this unique business model. After months of trial and error we managed to produce a well-balanced organic lager. In late 2013 my concept was ready to present to potential owners, 100Taps Brewing Company was conceived.

Unlike anything before, each keg is individually brewed over a natural 18-day process without the use of any chemicals or preservatives. Malt sweetness is in total harmony with gentle hop bitterness while the brewing process produces refreshing fine sparkling bubbles that cleanse the palate. A crisp ‘session’ beer to enjoy by itself or with a variety of dishes, as its purity will only enhance anything it accompanies.

Publicans and restaurateurs that share the same vision are now currently pouring 100Taps Hand Crafted chemical and preservative free Lager in over 40 venues around Victoria.  ‘A brand of beer that we own and pour!’  Our goal is to have our beer pouring in 100 venues in each state, hence the name 100Taps.

The big selling point of any beer is the ‘story’ and there is no better or more interesting story than 100 licensees brewing their own beer and selling it in their own venues, with the end goal of owning their own brewery.

As you take your last sip, ponder for a moment the potential of being 100 venues strong and the powerful benefits of being a part of a quality craft beer pouring co-operative. For more information visit our website www.100taps.com.au