Theatre Anywhere & Everywhere

Brisbane-based Anywhere Theatre Festival established in 2011 by dynamic duo, Alex McTavish and Paul Osuch has become a worldwide phenomenon breaking the mold and confines of the traditional theatre experience. ATF provides a new model for performers, audiences and businesses to engage in a way that directly benefits community while providing infrastructure for professional and creative development.

Frankston is hosting ATF from August 22 to September 6 showcasing an astonishing variety of performances in unusual locations, such as, inside a car, atop a soapbox, within a skate bowl, off the walls of a climbing centre and in some secret locations to be announced.

Boosting the profiles of local businesses, Frankston Council and the local performing arts community, hosting this innovative festival benefits everyone. Fully two thirds of audiences at Anywhere Theatre Festivals are people who visit a theatre once a year or less addressing the ongoing conundrum of how to attract new audiences to performances.

“What rocks about Anywhere Theatre Festival is that it appeals to anyone who has wanted to see a show, but wants something a bit different to a traditional theatre experience,” said Paul Osuch cofounder of Anywhere Theatre Festival. ”It also appeals to anyone who wants to explore the nooks and crannies of Frankston and wanted an excuse to do so.”

If you’d like to see dance in the streets, slip into a shipping containers for a show or wait to board a train to your secret performance destination, pick up a copy of the Anywhere Theatre Festival program at a local venue or visit their website and start planning your entertainment today.