Superbad (Sean Declase)

Sean Declase


A well-known voice in the Dance music scene, Sean Declase has lent his crispy vocals to feature on some killer house anthems over the last couple of years.

Now 2014 sees Melbourne artist Sean Declase step out on his own with his new independent album Superbad.

Showing the world what he has to offer, this eclectic mix of Funk, Soul and R&B with a vintage twist, Superbad has not only been solely written by Declase but also produced and performed, we are talking vocals, beats and all instruments. Superbad is a personal look into the mind and sound of the man behind the voice and the funk. His talent is evident yet authentic and the colourful arrangements and energy within the album are infectious and undeniably prevalent.

From start to finish Superbad is something you can throw on at a party, in your car or dance around in your underwear to without having to skip a beat.

Described by Declase himself as a “personal diary of true events and stories” he wanted to play all the instruments and produce the album himself to make sure it was 100% capturing his vision of the songs. Declase has the ability to capture the funk and the feeling with different moods and tunes for each track, much like Bruno Mars does on Unorthodox Jukebox.

It is refreshing to see a vocalist step out of the dance scene to deliver something that is flipped to the other realm of music indemnity in what seems to be a rather smooth transition.

Kudos to Declase on a two-year dedication to his craft that reaps the likeness of what Prince, Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake’s love child would sound like.

Superbad is available for free download at Catch the Superbad live show at Boutique on Friday August 22.