Music & Theatre, But Not Musical Theatre

Share House is a stage performance highlighting the breathtaking musical talents of Brisbane-based quintet, Topology. It fuses physical theatre with instrumental music to convey a wordless narrative. The story, set in the 1970s revolves around five dysfunctional band mates who live together in an unkempt share house.

Clever staging and lighting become part of the drama as the characters negotiate their intertwined lives, unrequited love, laughter and the bond they share through music. Crossing artistic genres and blurring the boundaries between theatre and concert, Topology have created a truly original performance they call “instrumental opera”. It’s music and theatre, but not musical theatre. Regardless of the quest for apt adjectives, this is groundbreaking performance.

See something completely different when Topology’s Share House plays at Frankston Arts Centre on Saturday, August 9 at 7:30 pm. Bookings on 9784 1060 or