The Boys Are Back In Town

Have you ever closed your eyes and felt like you were 16 again? Well that was my afternoon. A cold and gloomy Melbourne afternoon was highlighted with the opportunity to speak with not one but two blasts from the past Brian Mannix and Scott Carne…To those of you too young to remember these guys made the 80’s– they wrote the anthems of the day, a time when music was fun! They had ‘real’ bands backing them, no overlays of music – just good old toe tapping, hip moving, Count Down watching, Aussie rock!

You will be pleased to know that over the past (I say with a cough) nearly 30 years they have been still playing music.  Speaking with Mannix it seems they are on constant tour, playing all over Australia to sold out crowds – he said with a cheeky glint “we still get the odd pair of undies thrown at us on stage too” – good to know!   Mannix went onto say “the unique aspect of this show is that all of us are live bringing back the real music – no lip syncing – we wrote all the material you will feel, hear and we hope love; taking you back in a little time bubble”.  Carne let me know the highlight of the evening after all of the hits are played an “it’s an all-in, we all get together with the band and sing a few covers of the hits of the 80’s”.   An evening NOT to be missed!

If you loved the 80’s and want to bring back some memories, or maybe you’re just a lover of 80’s music and want to see the guys in action, this is your chance! Absolutely 80’s Show Featuring Scott Carne of Kids in the Kitchen, Brian Mannix of Uncanny X Men and Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera.

So block the 29th of August at the Grand Hotel Mornington in your diaries!  Tickets are selling fast from the Grand Hotel on Ph 5975-2001 or visit for more details.



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