Bianca Del Rio To Oz

Drag Queens.  Wikipedia’s definition: drag queen is a man who dresses, and often acts, with exaggerated femininity.  Really?

If you grew up in Melbourne during the 70’s you would have driven past Le Girls featuring Carlotta.   The place where I first had my eyes open to the alternate world of Drag as we drove past, I remember the bright pink building with such pretty lights and signs.  It was a taboo subject in my household though.  I have been told that Drag came to Australia after the 2nd world war.  Many of the men entertained each other with shows; they couldn’t all feature men – so some dressed as women.  Fast-forward 69 years…If you haven’t already heard of RuPauls Drag race by now very soon you will. Glamour, beauty, talent, comedy, and drama, this show has it all & they are all men – exaggerating their femininity.  Now a mainstream & widely accepted Extravaganza!

The sixth season of RuPaul has finished in the US, of course with a crowning!  We won’t disclose the winner to you, but let’s just say, we all love Bianca Del Rio.  A 37 year old female impersonator from New Orleans who lives in NYC.  Bianca’s’ personality shone through the entire show – calling herself a ‘cold heartless bitch’ on more than one occasion; this quickly turned out not to be quite the truth.  Fabulous style, impeccable presentation, a comedic genius who could think on her feet at the blink of a 2 inch fake eyelash.  PEARL was lucky enough to catch Bianca in Brownsville Texas on her way to the airport to fly out to start her European/Australian/New Zealand tour.

What shocked me when speaking with Bianca was I was speaking with an incredibly gifted actor who wanted to share her time with me.  The larger than life character of Bianca was paired back to the bones.  Willing to offer up a personal insight into her character.  Life before RuPaul had Bianca working with in the costume design industry, working with Broadway shows, opera, ballet, theatre.  Much to Bianca’s boss’s dismay, she has had to take a leave of absence due to the heavy commitment of travelling the world since March of this year post the Drag Race.   The major change to her 18 year Drag career has been going from a national identity to being known on a global scale.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all have shown fans from across the world – what is more amazing it’s not just to the gay community.  More straight families have been watching – the new world that has been opened; is just incredible.

When asking Bianca three pieces of advice she would offer anyone going into this industry she noted; “never let a bitch see you sweat! More importantly; be professional, turn up on time every time. Take classes – in anything – better yourself every day.  Most importantly show respect.  If you give a little you will get it in return”

Coming to Australia and playing to sold out venues across the country Bianca wants to see everything from Dame Edna to kangaroos!  Looking forward to Australian audiences; on several occasions being told her quick witted, sarcastic, dry & sometimes (very funny) yet insulting comedy is very close to an Australian humor.

Watching ever episode of RuPaul with my husband, 17 year old daughter and occasionally our son, I must say; the men that are in this industry are just magicians.  It’s a disappearing act of testosterone becoming beautiful vivacious vixens.  Each with their own unique style of Drag.  Here to entertain you – not be judged…….well only by RuPaul!

“Get ready Australia; Bianca Del Rio is ready to Sissy that Walk”

Bianca Del Rio performs live at The GH Hotel, 1 Brighton Rd, St Kilda on Thursday September 4th from 8pm.  Tickets available from