Shakespearean Shades Of Grey

Contemporary theatre company Bell Shakespeare is touring with their adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry V. This production, directed by Damien Ryan, was inspired by a true story. During the 1941 Blitz, a group of British boys spent 57 consecutive nights in a bomb shelter. As inspiration and distraction from the horrors, they performed weekly plays for the other shelter occupants. It is thought Henry V was one of these plays. Ryan uses their story to scaffold his production. He brings the audience into the intimacy of the bunker.

Henry V addresses many moral shades of grey. With our continued vulnerability to clever communication, susceptibility to political spin and the manipulations of nationalism, sadly, it seems little has changed in 400 years. Armed conflict still plagues humanity, yet the profound power of language can also galvanize people. Henry’s infamous ‘band of brothers’ speech led his outnumbered troops to victory against a superior French army in the Hundred Years’ War Battle of Agincourt. This is the territory Henry V traverses.

Prepare to be captivated by the history and drama of Bell Shakespeare’s production of Henry V at the Frankston Arts Centre on Tuesday, July 15 at 8 pm. Bookings on 9784 1060 or