Kade Mosig: Southside Speed Demon

NAME: Kade Mosig
AGE: 24
LIVE: Pearcdale, Vic
SPONSORS: DPH Yamaha, Oakley.
SOUNDS: A Day To Remember, Amity Affliction, Rise Against.
FAVOURITE TRACK: My track at home in my back yard!
BEST RESULT: National round win in MX1 (450cc)
CHILDHOOD HERO: Jono porter.
CURRENT HERO: Jono porter!

PEARL: How long have you been riding?
MOSIG: I have been riding dirt bikes for 17 years.

PEARL: Who did you grow up riding with and who were you influenced by locally?
MOSIG: I was lucky enough to have a close group of mates that I grew up riding with. We all lived close to each other, we all had tracks and we all raced!  My brother Chase Mosig, Cam Sinclair, Mick Sinclair, Blake Williams, Brent Landman and Cheyne Boyd.  All these boys have influenced my career.  They have pushed me and helped me get to this level of my sport. 

PEARL: Who are the Southside Crew and what do they stand for?
MOSIG: The Southside Crew are the boys I have mentioned earlier. A few years back we decided to give our close group of mates a name, it was Southside.  We have always stuck by each other though all the highs and lows of our sport, and it’s so great to know the boys will always have your back no matter what!! The Southside boys have achieved incredible results in Supercross and Freestyle Motocross from local to national to international levels.

PEARL: Who is the oldest of you brothers?
MOSIG: My brother Chase is the oldest. 

PEARL: What is your current Supercross ranking?
MOSIG: I just claimed my first ever MX1 national win on the weekend! I’m so pumped! I’m also currently running 6th in the MX nationals, with 4 rounds to go!

PEARL: What other sports do you enjoy?
MOSIG: I enjoy a range of different sports to help with my fitness; I love to surf, cycle, kayak and pretty much any water sport.

PEARL: Any final words?
MOSIG: To any of the younger generation out there, don’t hold back! Give it your all in every aspect of life! You get what you give! If you have dreams believe in them as you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to!  Keep it real!