If your at the Frankston Arts Centre this month or just in the area, slide into Humdinger for a pre and/or post show nibble and drink.

Described as ‘dude food’, this diner provides a  relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy food they love. Think burgers, sliders and wings, food you can pick up, use your hands, and tear apart; all whilst sipping on a cold beer.

This place could easily become your new guilty pleasure, eating food your Mum always said was bad for you and, with a bar stocked with some of the best spirits around, Humdinger brings the world famous Melbourne bar scene to Frankston and the Peninsula.

If you’re after a dining experience far away from asking for the bill delivered inside a black leather folder then head to Humdinger, 101 Young St, Frankston. For menu go to www.humdingerbar.com.au.