Age:  28
Years Rolling:  24
Sponsors:  Creature, Bones, Vans, Independent, King of Nothing clothing, Rust & Regret jewellery and Beach Burrito Co.
Hometown:  Fremantle, WA
Favourite Skate Spot:  Lincoln City , Oregon
Music:  Anything that isn’t Bieber, Brittany Spears or any of that wack shit. Love the Wu, R.L Burnside is a fav, something I can wobble to when I’m pissy!
Favourite Skaters:  Sky Siljeg, Rion Linderman, Steeve Reeves, anyone of Team Black Out.

PEARL:  So Rj, you won the recent Bowlriders Australia Comp at Frankston and now your hanging on the Peninsula, what brought this about and what do you think of the Peninsula and Melbourne Skate scenes?
BARBARO:  I came down to meet up with an old mate, Matty Tailz who rips and is an amazing artist. He asked if I wanted to skate that night, beer provided, that was the big hook!! I met the crew down there and a few I have met before. A one night stay turned into over a month and we are still down here working and chillin. It’s soo rad down here, reminds me of Margaret River south of my hometown. The scene over here in Melbs is a bit more hectic than the slower life I prefer or have been living the past year or so but the facilities are here so that’s good.

PEARL:  You were a clear standout at Shed Nine’s “After Dark on the Park” Balnarring Bowl Jam that attracted around three hundred skaters and spectators, tell us about that night?
BARBARO:  We hung out at Shed Nine prior and had a ‘few’ warm up broos before hand. All jumped in the van and took off, rolling in a bit late but was surprised to see the crowd at such a small low key joint. Was a great turn out. Heaps of little frothing groms and the old fellas from Moss dropped in and showed everyone how they did it back in the day.

PEARL: How long do you plan to hang on the Peninsula and where to next?
BARBARO:  Jess and I are gonna hang out a while longer. She is working at the shop and I’m back on the tools with some good crew, life’s good down here. The plans have changed. We are gonna travel Australia now and probably head back home.

PEARL: Who are your favourite local skaters?
BARBARO:  Locals? Matty Tailz for sure! Little Zepp Heyes is killing it, he is heading to Woodward this week. Jayden Thompson is ripping too.

PEARL: Your girl Jess is a tattooist; tell us something about some ink she gave you?
BARBARO:  She tattooed ‘Fruity Lexia Goon Lord’ on my leg. My mate Morph was at our place in Perth for a few days and we drank like 30L or so of goon in a couple of days, and so it came about.

PEARL: You told me that you’re planning on hitting the states next year, where would you like to skate there?
BARBARO:  I’ve skated Venice a lot, the Combi and a bunch of places but I still really want to skate Oregon some more and go hit Buckys bowl.

PEARL: Any final words?
BARBARO:  Thanks all the locals down here who have put up with us, Drew n Sal, Matty and Clauds and Eddy.  Stay true to yourself, remind yourself of the important things in life. Family.