Urlar (Breabach)



If you’re keen to test the waters of traditional, then the fourth album from Scottish folk group Breabach, Ùrlar, is the perfect introduction. The music is so peaceful; almost like what you would imagine living in The Shire in The Lord Of The Rings would be like. It allows you to escape to a happier place without fear of reality ruining your groove.

The lyricism of Megan Henderson is superb, especially in her native tongue, but it’s the instrumental pieces such as The Poetic Milkman and Monday Night At Riccardo’s that really makes Ùrlar special. The almost chaotic sounds of the bagpipes accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the flutes, pipes and fiddles transports you straight into the Celtic heartland.

It’s a great choice if you’ve had a long day at work and just want to kick back and forget your troubles.