Treat Yourself To Something Different This Easter

We here at PEARL have told you before about Sea Breeze Cellars in Dromana, a store well renowned for its superior range of spirits and premium labels, as well as ‘go the extra mile’ service from Ray and the whole team. Now, on the eve of Easter, Sea Breeze have stocked some ‘eggstra’ special bottles for those looking for a thoughtful gift or quality drop to enjoy during the long weekend. Here’s a snapshot of just a few of the Easter Sale items:

BELUGA GOLD LINE (Russian Vodka)
Vodka is supposed to be a neutral spirit, but it’s hard to remain neutral about Beluga Gold. Voted in the Top 10 Spirits 2012, it stands out from the rest starting with its unique ingredients, including hyaline artesian water from the springs of Siberia, malt spirit, rice extract and rhodiola rosea extract. Warming, almost caressing to the nose, it is smooth, full-bodied, clean and crisp. This product will no longer be exported to Australia, with Sea Breeze Cellars having secured the last two cases in Australia. Get in quick!

Every once in a while, you come across a brand that just shouts at you. Legend Of Kremlin is that brand, a Russian vodka that, legend has it, is thought to be based on a 15th Century recipe created by a monk named Isidor, who incidentally lived within the walls of the Chudov Monastery in the Kremlin. It’s created using artesian well water, grain spirit and the only traditional copper vats in use in Russia and also housed within authentic bottles, an ancient vodka carafe. Legend of Kremlin is highly regarded in its homeland, dedicated to the highest quality of production too, with just 2,000 bottles approved each day.

GREEN FAIRY (Absinthe)
The first legal absinth containing thujone (from wormwood) available since the ban on absinth was lifted in Australia, Green Fairy is produced and bottled in the Czech Republic where they have been making absinth continually since the 1800s. This is the absinth by which all other absinth are judged, with strong herbal qualities coming through more intensely with some dilution. A subtle and pliable star anise is present throughout the palate, with inherent bitterness from the wormwood and hyssop ever-present but not overwhelming the palate.

The Spirit of the Swiss Highland, Studer Swiss Premium Gin is the perfect result of well-crafted recipes and the highest quality distillation methods. Distilled from junipers, lemongrass, angelica, cubeb pepper, lavender flowers, coriander, ginger and with a few other, secret ingredients, it is enjoyed by gin connoisseurs worldwide. With Swiss Classic Premium Vodka the tradition goes a little further, guaranteed to be a unique source of pleasure for both eyes and palate. Prepare to be delighted by both.

An absolutely ‘eggcessive’ range of Whiskeys, Bourbons, Tequilas , Rums, Gins and Liqueurs can all be found at Sea Breeze Cellars Bottle-O, located at 244 Boundary Rd in Dromana. For all the latest info on products and upcoming events, visit or phone 5987 0877.