Sit Up And Take Notice

When the human spirit triumphs over adversity, it is worth applauding. The Diary of Anne Frank poignantly illustrates how a young girl’s optimism carries her through the most diabolical of circumstances and despite them she manages to write, reflect, offer emotional support and fall in love, all from the confines of an attic hideaway.

Never shying away from a challenge, the Frankston Theatre group will be bringing this story to life. Director Roy Thompson plans to add a few bells and whistles, literally, but the story itself remains unchanged because it can stand up on its own.

So why should people of today care about this story? Its relevance comes from the fact that in terms of human emotion, nothing has changed. Even in the worst of circumstances, people fall in love, are besieged by their fears, connect with others emotionally, can be petty and selfish, might look the other way when things get tough or band together against a common foe.

It’s by looking in on human behaviour, albeit from the comfort of a theatre seat, one cannot escape imagining how he/she would cope under those circumstances. This is the power of live theatre and a worthy experience for people of all ages.

Younger generations should be encouraged to attend live theatre and reflect on the human experience from many perspectives lest we forget and history repeats itself. In a time when social media, an oxymoron actually, physically separates people, the theatre brings them together in a common space to feel collectively.

Frankston Theatre group never does anything by halves so expect a gripping drama to unfold from a larger than life set with excellent acting and stagecraft in a theatrical experience that will have audiences coming back for more.

The Diary of Anne Frank plays at the George Jenkins Theatre on Friday, May 2 & 9 at 8 pm with matinees on Saturdays, May 3 & 10 at 2 pm. Bookings: 1300 665 377