Ready For A Prior Encore

Marina Prior has graced stages all around Australia during her vast career in musical theatre. A regular performer at Carols By Candlelight and former judge on TV show It Takes Two, Prior’s face and magnificent soprano voice are well known throughout Australia. She has recently released two new albums, Both Sides Now, which features songs from her busking days and Encore, which is a collection of her favourite musical theatre songs.

PEARL: You’re performing at the Frankston Arts Centre on October 12 as part of your Australia-wide Encore tour. What can fans expect from your performance?
PRIOR: It’s a two-hour show and it has the big musical theatre songs from shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Le Miserables, Cats and Westside Story. It also has a lot of folk, pop and Celtic music- basically all of my favourite songs that I’ve sung since I was a kid and over the last thirty years in musical theatre. It’s a really diverse evening. Very casual, relaxed and chatty.

PEARL: You’ve starred in so many fantastic musicals. How did you pick your favourite songs for the Encore record?
PRIOR: I went through nearly every show and picked out my favourite song, but the problem is, which ones do you leave out? There’s so much fantastic material. The beauty of our show is that we can change it around. I’m working with my musical director of 23 years and we’re so relaxed with each other that we can swap songs on the night so if somebody has a special request we try to accommodate that.

PEARL: You’ve been quoted as saying, “choosing your favourite show is like choosing your favourite child”. Do you have a favourite character that you have played?
PRIOR: I have a real sentimental memory of Adelaide in Guys & Dolls who was a Bronx showgirl. It was a really comedic role and I loved her as a character and as a person. Christine in Phantom was also such a joy to me. I love them all, they’re all so different and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to play such an array of characters.

PEARL: Is there any character in a musical that you have never played but would like to?
PRIOR: I’d love to play Mrs. Lovett in Sweeny Todd… and the Witch in Into the Woods.

PEARL: What was it like returning to the studio after eighteen years to record Both Sides Now?
PRIOR: It was fantastic! I really, really love recording at this stage in my life. Going off to the studio every day is something I’m embracing whereas when I was younger I used to be so nervous about it. I think as you get older, you tend to get more relaxed and confident about what you do.

PEARL: You’ve recently performed with David Hobson on the Some Enchanted Evening tour. What’s it like working with David?
PRIOR: He’s a really great friend. We both have that same attitude that we’re not stuck in one particular genre or style. A good song is just a good song. It doesn’t matter what it is I’ll sing anything from Judith Owen to Mozart as long as it’s a beautiful song.

PEARL: You won your first major lead role whilst still studying at university. When did you first discover a passion for performing & musical theatre?
PRIOR: As soon as I could speak I knew I wanted to be a singer. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do even as a tiny little girl. I thought I was probably going to become an opera singer, though when I was 16 I thought I was going to be Kate Bush, a pop singer. I honestly discovered musical theatre when I got thrown into the lead role of a musical, which was my first job. Musical theatre found me rather than me finding it.

PEARL: Will you be performing at Carols by Candlelight this year and if so what carol will you sing?
PRIOR: Yes I’ll be there this year. I love Angels We Have Heard On High and I tend to sing that every year.

PEARL: What projects do you have lined up for the future?
PRIOR: I’m currently recording a Christmas Album then next year there’s more touring with a larger orchestra and more extensively into the capital cities. I’m really embracing the solo work at the moment and I love it.

 Marina Prior will be performing at the Frankston Arts Centre on Saturday October 12. For tickets head to Both Sides Now and Encore are available now on CD for download.


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