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Sound Bar-Rosebud West-Console War Wednesdays –4:00PM

Chelsea Heights Hotel-Chelsea Heights-Poker Night-6:00PM

Mulgrave Country Club-Wheelers Hill-Pete Belair + Trivia (7.30pm)-6:00PM

Manhattan-Mornington-Rob Papp-6:30PM

Hallam Hotel –Hallam-QuizzaMe Trivia –7:00PM

Sandringham Hotel-Sandringham-Trivia –7:00PM

Berwick Inn Hotel-Berwick-Trivia –7:30PM

Mordy Supper Club –Mordialloc-Mordy’s Least Shit Trivia-7:30PM

Sound Bar-Rosebud West-Trivia Wednesdays-7:30PM

Baha –Rye-Jam Night (every 2nd Wednesday) –8:00PM

Flanagan’s (Pier)-Frankston-Frankston’s Got Talent Karaoke-8:00PM

Beaches Of Mornington –Mornington-Karaoke Kool-9:00PM

Gods Kitchen –Mornington-Gods Trivia-9:00PM



Mordy Supper Club –Mordialloc-South-Side Showcase w Live Music-6:30PM

Mr Paul’s Wine Bar-Mornington-Bennsong-6:30PM

Chelsea Heights Hotel-Chelsea Heights-Pub trivia by Quiz Meisters-7:00PM

Dainton Family Brewery-Carrum Downs-Open Mic Night-7:00PM

Sands Tavern-Carrum Downs-The Guilty Party –7:00PM

Vesbar-Somerville-Trent Steely-7:00PM

Bay Hotel –Mordialloc-Funky Bunch Trivia-7:30PM

Frankston RSL-Frankston-Trivia Night-7:30PM

Gods Kitchen –Mornington-Maja-7:30PM

The Dubliner-Mornington-Irish Celtic Open Mic Night-7:30PM

Rosebud Hotel –Rosebud-Infusion – Live Gameshow-7:30PM

Rosebud RSL-Rosebud-Bingo-7:30PM

Baha –Rye-Beer Garden Jam Sessions-8:00PM

Merchant Lane-Mornington-Motley Thursdays w DJ’s on Rotation-8:00PM

Sound Bar-Rosebud West-Rockeoke w Nick Martin-8:00PM

Rosebud RSL-Rosebud-Ulitmate American Rock Show-8:30PM

Publican-Mornington-The World’s Least Shittest Pub Karaoke –8:30PM

Backyard Bar –Mornington-Backyard Karaoke-9:00PM



Merchant Lane-Mornington-Live Acoustic Sessions and RNB Fridays-5:00PM

Chelsea Heights Hotel –Chelsea Heights –Adult Bistro & Live Music-5:30PM

Cove Hotel-Patterson Lakes-Dylan Boyd-6:00PM

Croydon Hotel –Croydon-Joe Laf-6:00PM

Dava Hotel-Mount Martha-Music, Wine & Graze w Live Music-6:00PM

Flanagan’s (Pier)-Frankston-Poker Night-6:00PM

Mulgrave Country Club-Wheelers Hill-Family Night w Corey Black-6:00PM

Humdinger-Frankston-Amber Mic-6:30PM

Jetty Road Brewery-Dromana-Rob Papp-6:30PM

Hickinbotham-Dromana-Wine Women and Song-7:00PM

Westernport Hotel –Hastings-Cam Brown-7:00PM

Berwick Inn Hotel –Berwick-Casey & Adam Live in The Club Lounge-8:00PM

Hallam Hotel-Hallam-Radio Chaos Trio-8:00PM

Sandringham Hotel-Sandringham-Live Entertainment-8:00PM

Side Street-Mordialloc-Funky House DJ Matthew Scott-8:00PM

Workers Club-Dandenong-Jump N Jive-8:00PM

Young Street Supper Club-Frankston-Richard London Band-8:00PM

Brass Razu-Mornington-Whisky Gypies-8:30PM

Rosebud Hotel-Rosebud-Tim Morrison-8:30PM

Seaford Hotel-Seaford-HouseWreckers-8:30PM

Vesbar-Somerville-Live Music –8:30PM

Backyard Bar –Mornington-Backyard Karaoke-9:00PM

Beaches Of Mornington –Mornington-Soul Mates-9:00PM

Dorset Gardens Hotel –Croydon-Live Bands + Dj Mark Vinyl-9:00PM

Gods Kitchen –Mornington-Good Fridays w Guest DJ-9:00PM

Merchant Lane-Mornington-Hustle Fridays w DJs-9:00PM

Naked Racer-Cheltenham-Blue Dog Cruiser-9:00PM

Publican-Mornington-Wonderlust Fridays w 2 Levels of DJs-9:00PM

Sands Tavern-Carrum Downs-Karaoke Friday-9:00PM

Westernport Hotel –San Remo-Steady State Massive-9:00PM

Mordy HQ-Mordialloc-Fused-9:30PM

Mordy Supper Club-Mordialloc-TFIF with Live Music –9:30PM

The Deck –Frankston-Sea Circus 28’s w DJs-10:00PM



Craft & Co Farm-Bangholme-The Jackson Lite Duo-1:00PM

MP Brewery –Mornington-Vinyl DJ’s-5:00PM

Mulgrave Country Club-Wheelers Hill-Late Night Tea-6:00PM

Zigis Bar-Flinders-Live Music-6:00PM

Beach 162-Frankston-Michael Moss, Billy Detmer & Sarah Gardner-6:30PM

Jetty Road Brewery-Dromana-Ben Smith-6:30PM

Cove Hotel-Patterson Lakes-Joe Laf-8:00PM

Croydon Hotel –Croydon-Aimee Francis-8:00PM

Pelly Bar-Frankston-360 – Vintage Modern Tour + PEZ-8:00PM

Royal Hotel-Mornington-Magical Marmalade Machine-8:00PM

Rosebud Hotel –Rosebud-Ian Rickard-8:00PM

Side Street-Mordialloc-Resident DJ House & Funk anthems-8:00PM

Wishing Well-Carrum-Still Game-8:00PM

Workers Club-Dandenong-Phoenix-8:00PM

Bay Hotel-Mordialloc-23 Past & Dj’s In The Beer Garden-8:30PM

Gods Kitchen –Mornington-The Bittermen-8:30PM

Vespar-Somerville-Live Music-8.30PM

Beaches Of Mornington –Mornington-Live Music-9:00PM

Cruze Mornington –Mornington-Resident DJ’s –9:00PM

Dorset Gardens Hotel –Croydon-Neon City Band + Resident DJ Dwel-9:00PM

Grand Hotel –Mornington-Cruze Saturdays w Resident DJ’s-9:00PM

Merchant Lane –Mornington-Laneway Society w Resident DJ –9:00PM

Naked Racer-Cheltenham-80s On The Edge-9:00PM

Publican-Mornington-Disco Theque Saturdays 80’s & 90’s Retro-9:00PM

Westernport Hotel –San Remo-Olly & Scuzzi-9:00PM

Mordy Supper Club-Mordialloc-Tea Party Saturday’s w Live Music –9:30PM

The Deck –Frankston-DJ Funky Col & Live Music from 10:30PM-10:00PM



Workers Club-Dandenong-Fusion-12:00PM

Naked Racer-Cheltenham-Kevin Falkenberg-1:00PM

Croydon Hotel –Croydon-Tim Morrison-2:00PM

Craft & Co Farm-Bangholme-Andrew Samios-2:00PM

MP Brewery –Mornington-Bobby Wineshank-2:00PM

Rosebud RSL-Rosebud-Sunday sessions on Deck 117   –2:00PM

Frankston RSL-Frankston-The Hibernators-2:30PM

Jetty Road Brewery-Dromana-Angie Soul-2:30PM

Room 10-Mornington-Yesteryear-3:00PM

Dorset Gardens Hotel –Croydon-Sunday Sessions w Live Bands-3:00PM

Mordy Supper Club-Mordialloc-Live Acoustic Acts followed by Carrie Oaky-3:00PM

Royal Hotel –Mornington-Sammy Owen Blues Band-3:00PM

The Deck –Frankston-Sunday Sessions w Resident & Guest DJ’s –3:00PM

Bay Hotel-Mordialloc-Sunday Sessions w Live Acoustic Sets-4:00PM

Mordy HQ-Mordialloc-Captain Spalding-4:00PM

Publican-Mornington-Ross Wilson-4:00PM

Sorrento Portsea RSL-Sorrento-The Lazy Boys-4:00PM

Gods Kitchen –Mornington-Fossil Rock-5:00PM

Westernport Hotel –San Remo-Geoff Achison-5:00PM

Side Street –Mordialloc-Nathan –6:00PM

Workers Club-Dandenong-Alternating DJs Flash & Jeff-7:00PM